Monday, April 17, 2006

lame i am PLUS.. a frugal craft that has nothing to do with food

i've been really lame with this blog lately. So many things I think I want to blog about and so little time... then there is the reading of blogs, books, cooking, creating.. knitting !!!

I'd really like to learn to knit more time into the day!

but really, I should be writing about frugality.

Today my daughter wanted to make a volcano/ mountain toy like the her brother and I made last year. He uses his with starwars toys, dinosaurs, animals, and any other action figure that might need to romp around an active or inactive (we made the lava removable) volcano.

what to do , what to do.

we gathered an old oatmeal container and some pink and purple material (what else would she make.. a pink volcano with purple lava!) Actually, the pink came from a pair of discarded because the-butt-is-so-stained-from-sliding-around-the-park sweats that she loves. She is currently wearing them inside out (which hides the stain and gives them a cute soft cottony feel/ look). they are now long shorts since we cut off the bottoms for the aforementioned volcano.

we also grabbed the glue gun, with plenty of glue, scissors and a few odds n ends... and a great big smile...

a few creative moments later and she's happily playing with her own volcano and thinking I'm the coolest mom.

Perhaps I'll post some pictures later!

Friday, April 07, 2006

pizza pizza pizza!!!

I do love pizza!

Tonight's frugal meal is homemade veggie pizza. I've been making homemade whole wheat crusts for years. The family actually prefers my pizza to any they've ever had. That always makes me feel good! Our favorite cheese is called Vegan Gourmet. The toppings will be tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and plenty of garlic, and of course homemade pizza sauce.

Today was spent at the National Air & Space museum. If you'd like to hear more about that, check out my DC Daily Photo blog... I'm too tired to post much more about it right now!

happy friday~

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Two Gun Chili & Cornbread!

Tonight's meal will be one of my favorites... the weather has been too warm to want Chili, but it dropped down to 45-50 so I thought tonight's the night for some yummmm.


chili is such an easy thing to make, and there are millions of recipes out there. At our house it's not chili night without cornbread as well. I usually have everything needed to make this in the pantry and have even developed my own time saving system to help with that. I like to make a batch of the cornbread as a mix to keep on hand for those days when we NEED cornbread (and yes, we have those days!) Secretly (Or not so secretly now that I'm admitting it here) it makes me happy to see my jar in the cupboard!

and seeing these on the table makes me even happier! ;)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

rice rice rice is nice

One thing I always have on hand is brown rice. We love it. I buy it in bulk at my wholefoods. I realize wholefoods is not known for its bargain items, but it is right around the corner from our apartment, and it has a great bulk section. Until I decide to start purchasing bulk things online... (it's only a matter of time... i have the link I think I'll use, and it seems do-able...) in the meantime, I like that I can buy bulk rice and other items.

so.. that brings me back to rice.

it is nice.

We had rice for dinner last night, along with tofu bratwurst. Today I sent my hubby to work with leftover brown rice and a soyboy patty. It is easy for him to reheat, and a satisfying lunch. I'll probably have some brown rice with lunch. Miss G (our almost 8 year old daughter ) and I love to have brown rice with some nutrional yeast, braggs, garlic, and flax meal.. yum. Sometimes we'll add chopped walnuts or cashews too.

I think I'll make brown rice & tofu patties for dinner tonight, if this headache subsides.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Why start yet another blog??? > and a frugal vegan one at that???

well... that's a good question.

The reason I've started this journal is simply to document the fact that it is quite possible to be both vegan and frugal.. at the same time!

I've always been a thrifty person.. cheap, tightwad.. whatever...

and I hate it when I hear people say how expensive it is to eat healthy...
so, I figured this would be a good way to hammer out all the easy things one can do to live a healthy life, frugally.

I'll see where it goes from here!