Friday, December 29, 2006

a knife by any other name....

so I'm cutting up a squash and thinking , like I always do when I cut a squash, "THere has to be an easier way!!!"

so now I'm googling electric knives. I never thought I'd want to own one... having always considered electric knives a tool for the carnivore at thanksgiving, but now I'm thinking this just might be the easier way.

or maybe I need a chainsaw... I always liked the WRRRRRRRRRR sound... such power..
uh... right.

anwyay.. can anyone recommend a good electric knife ... what do I look for? what to avoid???

I'm finding they are also good for slicing fresh baked bread.. (who knew?? I didn't!)


tonight's dinner will be Curry Stuffed Squash...
Having sucessfully cut the acorn squash in half, and keeping all ten fingers, it is now in the crockpot on low. It will cook while we are out and I'll put the rest together when we get home tonight...

mmmmmm dinnner =)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

first day of the laptop lunch!

David has been wanting the laptop lunch box that is used at Vegan Lunch Box .... so I splurged (using a code I found online so I saved 10%) and got it for him for Christmas. You can buy one from Laptop Lunches . I am a little worried that it won't be enough food, but he thinks it will be just enough, limiting any extra unnecessary snacking.

It certainly looks nice all packed up in neat little spots. I'm worried it will mean I'll have to get creative with his lunches... and on the other hand, I'm looking forward to getting creative with his lunches ;)

I may just create a similar lunch system for the kids and myself. I'll probably opt for making it myself piecemeal and perhaps making or using one of the bags we already have... time will tell.

I plan to look in China town for other such Bento Boxes. I also saw some nice smaller size containers at Safeway. When the kids and I go out places, I like to pack lunches or snacks in little containers rather than baggies to avoid breakage or mashed sandwiches (YUCK). This piecemeal packing thing will simply mean more planning initially, which will only help in the long run.

as always... time will tell.