Monday, July 23, 2012

mmmm... dinner tonight!

One thing I've always liked, and maybe disliked a little, about moving is the need (the desire really) to use up all the yummies in the cupboard before moving. I have always thought it breeds a creativity that isn't always tapped into. Being frugal and broke breeds that too... but right now we aren't broke... but we are moving... and tonight's dinner is making me happy happy happy... and that's just in creating it! we are having Gnocci (YUMM) from CostPlus world market $1.99 each (on sale) with red sauce (my recipe.. I'll share some day). I bought 25LBs of organic whole wheat flour a month ago, so I'm trying to use the last of that.... So I smell the bread baking in the oven as I type this. YUM. And we have some white mushrooms, garlic and earth balance (vegan margarine) which means.. YUMMY side dish of garlicy mushrooms!!! I had some tart cherries in the cupboard that I wanted to use. But, I am packing, which means that even the frugalist gal is not about to make a PIE. I won't even think about it. Okay.. I thought about it.. but a cobbler... that's much easier... so vegan cherry cobbler is just waiting to be put into the oven right now. Dinner will be served in about 20 minutes and it will be tasty.


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