Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Veggies & couscous

I like simple foods. I like easy dishes that can be thrown together, but are still satisfying and delicious. I have nothing against getting complicated in the kitchen, but time is not always something I have in excess. I need food, and I need it now.
That was how I felt at lunchtime today. I was hungry- and hot. I was nearly out of bread- and not about to bake more in this heat wave. So... What to make? I need to replenish the cupboards and the fridge... Time to get creative.
I had to figure out something quick to make to feed my family of five with out heating up the house. Hmmm
I had couscous. Now what? I had a small bowl of green beans fresh from the garden. I found a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables. This lunch was shaping up! I nuked the veggies, then the couscous. Decided to toss some (2 tbsp) Braggs liquid aminos into the cooked veggies- soy sauce would work too. Sprinkled a bit of granulated garlic & Ginger onto the veggies & tossed them a little. Smells good! I dished out couscous onto each plate and added the veggies. I was thrilled with the mmmmmms and "Thanks Mom, this is good!"
Meals made from items that are in my pantry are the dishes that get repeated. Veggies & couscous is such a dish!

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