Tuesday, October 30, 2007

necessity is the mother of invention.

they say necessity is the mother of invention. While I do agree, I think moving must be a close relative...

We are in the living the last month in this apartment. That means it's time to purge purge purge. I have been contributing to the freecycle community in HUGE amounts... especially in the book department. But what to do with the food that the ever so frugal Frugal Vegan has stockpiled over the months and years of living here? There is no way I'm throwing away food. I can't just deliver it to the local shelters because we have chosen to live in this city as a car-free family. And with a newborn... and packing.. let's just say, I'm not really up for it.;)

sooo.. I get creative.

Tonight's dinner is a product of such creativity. We'll see how it goes over with the family in a few minutes.

I started with a very simple Dahl recipe that I found to be lacking and turned it into Curry Soup. At first I had thought it was destined for the dump, but I added a bit of this and a lot of that... some veggies.. some bragg's and hmmm.. It smells pretty good.

the second part of our creative meal has to do with bread. We are big bread eaters in this house. While pregnant, I got into the habit of making a high protein bread that was really super dooper. The very first time I made it the family declared it the best bread ever. It contains oatmeal, soy flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, wheat flour, wheat gluten, water, yeast and a tbsp of sugar. And it really is tasty. However, we are in our last month here, and I'm trying not to buy any thing...

I had some semolina flour... and some spelt flour, garbanzo bean flour... and my bread baking this last month has been a sucessful mix of each of these. I'm pretty happy to report that my bread baking has come so far I can experiment and alter and still succeed! =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

please welcome Henri David

I've been so busy enjoying the new man in my life, I've neglected to give him a proper introduction.

Please welcome our son, Henri David. He was born at home last Thursday evening. Daddy caught him, big sister proclaimed "he's a Henri!", big brother is happy to have a little brother.

I'm simply in love.