Saturday, August 02, 2008

tried to twitter...

but it seems to have been lost to cyber space... so I'm here least, for the moment.

I spent the morning communing with my little garden.. the little guy strapped safely and contentedly to my back in his beco baby carrier. I thinned some of the lettuce, replanting what I pulled in hopes that we'll get even more lettuce. I also picked away (and cursed) a few little caterpillars.. how dare they munch on my greens!

G & I (with H in the beco) planted two more rose bushes in the front. We also decided to replant a couple of the green bonsai type bushes to put the roots deeper in the ground. In the process, I uncovered a few big chunks of concrete, a bunch of rocks that G will add to her little rock garden, and a pretty cool larger rock.. about a foot long!!! I think the little plants will do better with out the concrete in their roots. We'll see. We also planted another of the neat little plants that our generous green thumbed neighbor so graciously offered us. G couldn't decide which was more fun, playing with the neighboorhood cats, or planting in the yard. J didn't have a hard time deciding at all.. he spent the time upstairs on the computer probably on the bionicle site, chatting with his friend from Austria!

Henri & I came inside. He nursed and fell asleep. Then G, J & I ate lunch. We got a surprise call from a girl I met at the park the other day inviting us to a potluck at her house this afternoon! I wish David were able to go along with us, but I'm quite happy to have been invited!

All in all , the day has shaped up rather nicely!


Friday, August 01, 2008

grow little garden!

The lettuce is blossoming! We have three little tomatoes where, yesterday, there was only one! My parsley is growing and the corn is gaining height.

the sight of those two extra tomatoes made me so happy!

now if only I can conquer these weeds and plant a few move veggies!!!